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BCP Instructional Activities

BCP Instructional Activities

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Copyright: 1997. 8.5x11, 400 pages.

Author: Adapted from BCP Methods by the Santa Cruz COE

The BCP covers ages 1 to 14 years with a convenient and practical format that helps with planning IEPs and communicating with parents. The BCP covers 2,300 developmentally skills/behaviors grouped into 56 Strands.

Thousands of teacher-developed instructional activities are provided for 1,900 of the 2,300 BCP skills. Includes guidelines for planning and targeting objectives using the BCP Assessment Record.

Simply conduct and record your assessment, select target objectives, and then easily plan your lessons using the activities and strategies from this convenient resource.

For most skills, prerequisite abilities and interest levels are listed to help you adapt for older individuals, along with a list of everyday classroom materials required for instruction.

Use as a comprehensive resource for activities:
This book contains hundreds of activities and suggestions. For ease-of-use, use this book as a reference by looking up the skill using the Strand.Behavior ID number (e.g., 34.01) when you need instructional information. Information is not provided for all skills -- only skills for which there are instructional activities appear in this book -- about 1,900 out of 2,300.

Use the BCP Assessment Record to see a complete listing of the behaviors/skills per strand.

Reviews/Quotes from Users:
"...teachers say it is a tremendous help...parents like it too."
—Special Education Director
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