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Inside HELP 0-3

Inside HELP 0-3

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Copyright: 1992-2006. 8.5x11, 400 pages, spiral bound.

Author: Stephanie Parks Warshaw, M.A., et al.

This comprehensive administration manual is required for the proper use of HELP® 0-3 as a curriculum-based assessment and to ensure accurate crediting of skills and behaviors with fidelity. It provides a wealth of developmental assessment procedures for using HELP® 0-3 (the Hawaii Early Learning Profile) for effective curriculum-based assessment, planning, therapy, and intervention. Inside HELP® helps you achieve the maximum effectiveness of the HELP® 0–3 curriculum-based assessment system.

Inside HELP® provides the assessment guidelines and procedures you will need to use HELP® 0-3 for developmental assessment, planning, therapy, and intervention.

Helps with family-directed assessment and provides sample culturally-sensitive family interview questions regarding the child's strengths and needs as well as family concerns, priorities and resources related to enhancing the child's development.

Helps you prepare meaningful functional outcome statements -- from the HELP® skills for IFSP development that relates to daily life at home and in the community.

Shows you how to "get started" using HELP® as an ongoing curriculum-based assessment.

Helps you identify the child's level of development between and across strands -- covers all areas for multidisciplinary evaluation and ongoing assessment as required by Part C of IDEA, and Early Head Start.
  • Simplifies developmental assessment by grouping the HELP® 0–3 skills/behaviors into 59 developmentally sequenced Strands, each with adaptations and steps for screening needs.
  • Provides guidelines for determining approximate developmental age levels within and between domains.
  • Promotes consistent assessment between staff and programs.
  • Suggests adaptations for disabilities to provide true assessment of abilities and strengths.
  • Promotes consistent assessment between staff and programs.
  • Provides clear definitions and credit criteria for each of the 685 HELP® skills and behaviors.
  • Assists family-centered assessment with definitions and example interview questions.
Offers thousands of key procedures on how to use HELP® to adapt for specific disabilities, how to understand a child's functioning in relationship with the parent/caregiver and the child's environment, and what the child can do -- within the context of play-based activities.

Improves developmental assessment - groups the 685 HELP® skills into 58 "concept-based" strands with adaptations and steps for screening needs in each strand.

Includes comprehensive assessment information for each of the 685 skills, including a definition, observation guidelines, play-based assessment procedures, and credit criteria. The criteria provide a necessary basis for consistent assessment across staff and between programs.

Reviews/Quotes from Users:
"... recommended for all early intervention programs and professionals that use the HELP®..."
—Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics
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