How does HELP 0-3 link to HELP 3-6?

HELP®  3-6 complements and extends HELP®  0-3.

HELP®  0-3 and HELP®  3-6 are linked by a shared structure of the Strands and over-lapping age ranges as shown below. HELP® 3-6 skills continue where HELP® 0-3 skills end:

Strand structure of HELP® 0-3:

Strand structure of HELP® 3-6:


HELP® 0-3 and HELP® 3-6 are separate families of products. HELP® 0-3 is authored by Stephanie Parks Warshaw. HELP® 3-6 (2nd Ed.) is based on HELP® for Preschoolers (1995) and the revision by a series of editors (2008-2010).