HELP + KinderCharts* for Early Head Start and Early Intervention

“HELP® works great for home-based programs. KinderCharts reports are incredibly useful—the easiest way to meet federal requirements.”
—Stacey Scarborough, EHS Director

“The accurate tracking of progress and curriculum supports are the reasons we went back to the HELP® and signed on with KinderCharts.”
—Robyn Culley, EHS Coordinator

Benefits of HELP® 0-3: 
HELP® is one of the most popular and widely-used curriculum-based assessments. It is family-centered and supports families as the primary nurturers of their children, and focuses on family concerns, priorities, and preferences.
  • The domain-based structure of HELP® easily translates into meaningful school readiness goals
  • HELP® provides assessment that is linked directly with curriculum and progress tracking
  • The developmental structure of HELP® makes it easy to assess and track Cognitive, Language (receptive and expressive), Communication (emergent literacy skills), Motor, Social-Emotional, Self-Help and Regulatory/Sensory Organization
  • Easy adaptation to accommodate and enhance children with delays and disabilities
  • HELP® Domains are aligned with Early Head Start’s five essential domains
  • HELP® School Readiness Goals are available to individualize by Early Head Start Programs and families
  • HELP® provides developmental checklists, charts, and hand-outs to support parent and staff understanding of each child’s unique strengths, needs and developmental progress
  • HELP® Strands 0-3 Plus covers additional skills for 36-48 months
  • Inside HELP® includes assessment of sensitive and responsive caregiver interactions as well as assessment of home environments that support for each area of developmental including safety, availability, variety and appropriateness
  • HELP® at Home includes 540 pages (in English and Spanish) of reproducible handouts for parents with activities to enhance their child’s development during everyday routines. Handouts are written from the child’s point of view to enhance positive interactions and empathy. Many include reading to their child and encouraging their child to explore books.
“The HELP® Strands 0-3 Plus assessment booklet lets us easily monitor the progress of all children, including those who have skills beyond 36 months.”
 —Robyn Culley, EHS Coordinator

HELP® + KinderCharts*—a Seamless Process for Ongoing Assessment and Reporting 
1. Conduct the assessments using the HELP® Strands 0-3 Plus assessment booklet and Inside HELP®.
2. Enter the child’s current assessment results from the HELP® Strands 0-3 Plus assessment booklet into KinderCharts.
3. Mark the Assessment as Complete when all of the child’s results for the Assessment Period have been entered
4. Resolve any validation errors reported by KinderCharts.
5. KinderCharts will automatically identify the child’s results.
6. Print a comprehensive set of reports, ranging from child reports to aggregated reports to management reports.
rdering Key HELP® components for Comprehensive and Effective EHS Assessment:     [Top]

Inside HELP® — (one per staff) essential Administration/Reference Manual for proper use of HELP 0-3

New! HELP® Strands 0-3 Plus assessment booklet — (one booklet for each child) covers over 700 criterion-referenced developmental skills/behaviors (includes skills in the 36-48 month-range from HELP® 3-6). Use for recording a child’s assessment and for planning next steps. Designed to support EHS programs with three-year-old children who may be advanced beyond 36 months (3 years).

HELP® at Home — (one per 2-3 staff) provides extremely popular family-centered, relationship-based curriculum handouts to give parents in support of specific skills to facilitate each child’s progress.

HELP® Charts 0-3 — (optional–one set of charts per child/family) helps to visually track a child's development as you work with families.

KinderCharts for Easy-to-use and Effective Federal Reporting 
KinderCharts is a secure online service that ties directly to the HELP® assessment and provides an extremely easy-to-use and effective reporting service that meets Federal requirements and facilitates staff and program communication.

Click here to visit the KinderCharts website for more samples and information.

• Monitors child progress across Head Starts five (5) essential domains
• Provides a framework to identify and report school readiness goals
• Provides individualized reports that illustrate patterns of progress and outcomes in groups of children to best inform program assessment.

After the HELP® Strands 0-3 Plus assessment results have been entered into KinderCharts, a comprehensive set of reports are available ranging from child reports to aggregated reports to management reports. These reports are available for the five Early Head Start Domains as well as for the eight HELP® Strands domains. All of the aggregated performance and gains reports come with a complete set of graphs for each domain. Using Microsoft Excel’s rich set of Chart Tools, these charts can be tailored to create powerful and informational presentations.

As an added benefit, a comprehensive set of report filters are available to permit comparative analysis of groups of children based on demographics such as gender, age, ethnicity, number of years in the program, homelessness, child delays, parent intellectual delays, and dual language home environment.

*Information on KinderCharts is provided for your convenience. Shine Early is not affiliated with or otherwise connected with KinderCharts or its owner Ascendature, LLC.