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HELP 3-6 Assessment Manual (2nd Ed.)

HELP 3-6 Assessment Manual (2nd Ed.)

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Copyright: 2010. 2nd Edition. 8.5x11, 400 pages.

Author: Edited by: Patricia Teaford, M.S., et al.

This administration manual is required for the proper use of HELP® 3-6 as a curriculum-based assessment and to ensure accurate crediting of skills and behaviors with fidelity. It is the essential "how-to" manual for comprehensive assessment and proper use of all the HELP® 3-6 materials.
  • HELP® 3-6 (2nd Edition) is the long-awaited update to our best-selling and formerly entitled "HELP for Preschoolers" family of curriculum-based materials.
  • Covers 585 developmental behaviors/skills arranged in 47 developmental Strands that seamlessly extend HELP® 0-3.
  • Expanded to cover new behaviors/skills and improved age-ranges, wording, and definitions for over 100 items, and the removal of some items to better align with HELP® 0-3.
  • For continuity between editions, the behavior/skill ID numbers remain unchanged from "HELP® for Preschoolers."
  • Includes three new Strands: Self Regulation, Dramatic Play, Time.
  • Cross-indexed by ID number to all the HELP® 3-6 materials, covering the six developmental domains: Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional, and Self Help
  • Now as an entirely separate book (from the 1st Edition Assessment and Curriculum Guide) to provide easier assessment planning.
Saves Time: Simplifies developmental assessment by arraying the HELP® 3-6 items into 47 developmentally sequenced strands. Provides assessment tips to help you conduct individual or group-based observation and assessment.

Comprehensive: Provides detailed assessment procedures, definitons, tips on group observation and assessment, and credit criteria -- all to facilitate ease-of-use and your focus on a child's strengths, as well as needs.

Adaptations: For assessing each behavior/skill to help promote high expectations for all children.

For use with all children: Provides clear, contextual Definitions and Adaptations for each behavior/skill to help clarify and target functional goals/outcomes.

Easy-to-Use: Includes "Conducting the Assessment" procedures to provide a clear basis for planning, preparation, completing the assessment, along with listing additional considerations to help you best target the child's current development. The "Quick Start" section helps you prepare for the assessment.

Reviews/Quotes from Users:
"If you like HELP® 0-3, you will love HELP® 3-6."
—Assessment Training Specialist
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