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HELP Strands 0-3

HELP Strands 0-3

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Copyright: 1992-2013. 8.5x11, 32 pages.

Author: Stephanie Parks Warshaw, M.A.


The HELP® Strands 0-3 offer a key developmental assessment framework where the HELP skills are "stranded" by interrelated concepts and make it easier for identify and target of "next steps"—an important companion assessment record booklet to Inside HELP®. The HELP® 0-3 skills/behaviors are grouped into 59 developmental-sequenced "strands" for better ongoing developmental assessment and planning of next steps. The Spanish version is 36 pages.

For actual assessment and planning, Inside HELP®  is required for the proper use of HELP®  0-3 as a curriculum-based assessment and to ensure accurate crediting of skills and behaviors with fidelity.

Format Note: The HELP® Strands 0-3 come in two format options, BOUND and UNBOUND.  Each containing the exact same content:  BOUND is a 32-page bound booklet;  UNBOUND comes as eight Unbound 4-page sections, each section covering just one domain for easier multidisciplinary team assessment (each section has child ID/date headers; sections are not sold separately and may not be copied in any form.  Use CAUTION when ordering! While the Bound and Unbound STRANDS include identical content (Skills/Behaviors) however the domains are sorted differently, to accommodate different observation procedures. The Strands “BOUND” version contains all of the domains in a booklet format. The DOMAINS are grouped together and printed on front and back in running order. This version is ideal for one observer to assess multiple domains at one time.  The “Un-BOUND” version could be described as a ‘loose-leaf’ format. Each DOMAIN is printed on its own page(s), so that it can be reviewed one DOMAIN at a time. The "Un-BOUND" format is ideal if multiple disciplines, assess the child at the same time.


The HELP® Strands 0-3 help you meet Part C of IDEA, and Early Head Start, regulations for ongoing assessment. Skills within each strand are developmentally sequenced. Each strand includes HELP® skills which focus upon a specific underlying key concept and are hierarchical in nature; i.e., one skill leads to or builds the foundation for the next skill.

Each Strand focuses on key underlying concepts—developmental levels, strengths, and needs within each traditional domain can be easily identified for curriculum assessment and strategic planning.

Saves time—condensed definitions for each skill are included directly on this assessment form to help you better identify skills.

Covers "Regulatory/ Sensory Organization"—critical grouping of skills from all domains to help screen strengths and needs. Groups 685 HELP® 0–3 behaviors and skills into 59 concept-based Strands for recording assessment information and facilitating curriculum planning.

  • Provides a developmental assessment framework—skills are grouped by concepts.
  • Offers a unique Strand for “Regulatory/Sensory Organization” to help screen strengths and needs.
  • Developmentally sequenced items within each Strand focus upon a specific underlying key concept.
  • Hierarchical—one skill leads to or builds the foundation for the next skill.
  • Saves time and helps you quickly identify skills—definitions are included for each skill directly on this assessment booklet.
  • Provides columns for ongoing recording of credits, dates, and observations.
  • Includes a Strand Profile assessment summary form that helps you identify strengths and needs between Strands for individualized planning.
  • Highlights foundational skills to always assess.
  • Includes a quick “Credit Key”.
  • Includes an Index to Strands and page links to Inside HELP® for each Strand.

Review/Comments from Users:

“The HELP® system has no equals when it comes to comprehensive assessment and intervention.” —Coordinator, Early Childhood Program

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