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HELP 3-6 Assessment Strands (2nd Ed.)

HELP 3-6 Assessment Strands (2nd Ed.)

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Copyright: 2010. 2nd Edition. 8.5x11, 32 pages.

Author: Edited by: Patricia Teaford, M.S. et al.

The HELP® 3-6 Assessment Strands offer a key developmental assessment framework where the 585 HELP® 3-6 skills/behaviors are grouped into 47 developmentally-sequenced "strands" for better ongoing developmental assessment and planning of next steps. HELP® 3-6 Assessment Manual is required for the proper use of HELP® 3-6 as a curriculum-based assessment and to ensure accurate crediting of skills and behaviors with fidelity.

 • Developmental assessment framework -- skills are grouped by concept
 • Links assessment directly to instruction
 • New "Self Regulation" Strand to help screen strengths and needs
 • Two other new Strands, "Dramatic Play" and "Time."

Saves time: Helps you identify the "next steps" in development. Individualized record booklet simplifies developmental assessment by arraying the HELP® 3-6 items into 47 developmentally sequenced strands.

Comprehensive: Facilitates your focus on a child's strengths, as well as needs, provides adaptations for assessing each behavior/skill, and promotes high expectations for all children -- covers the six developmental domains: Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional, and Self Help.

Hierarchical: Often skills listed on traditional checklists and standardized tests may be in developmental but not necessarily hierarchical order. Consequently, if a child "passes" one skill it does not necessarily mean that he is ready to learn the next skill. The hierarchical structure of the HELP® 3-6 Assessment Strands addresses this need and provides an important method for assessment, monitoring, and determining "next steps."

For use with all children: The HELP® 3-6 behaviors/skills follow a "normal" developmental sequence within strands and are applicable to all children. Three of the strands are for use with children who have special needs:
2-8 Sign Language
2-9 Speechreading
3-9 Wheelchair Skills.

Reviews/Quotes from Users:
"Skills are sequenced more logically--makes it easier to find the next appropriate skill for a child."
—ECE School Psychologist
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